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It is important to check over your contract and inventory before moving out. These documents will tell you what is expected when you move out. If you are in doubt, phone your landlord/agent and ask them. You don’t want to miss something and be charged for it.

Start tidying & disposing of rubbish a few days before you leave, allowing yourself time to do everything.

Remember, if you are in a shared property the condition of the property when it is handed over is the responsibility of ALL the tenants. Do not leave the cleaning to one housemate or skip it at all as you may be charged to have a cleaner do it and then lose part of your deposit.

Don’t forget that magazine subscriptions, contact lenses, credit card bills, etc. will not reach you unless you let them know your forwarding address! Don’t rely on the landlord or new tenants forwarding them on for you.

If you have any unopened leftover food you may want to donate it to the local food bank: 

If you have any of your own furniture or belongings that you do not want to take back with you there are many charity shops that would be happy for a donation. 


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